Hunter Lab x AAFW

The skincare brand the fashion industry swears by for glowing runway-ready skin

During fashion week the fashion naturally takes centre stage. But it’s not just the fashion that makes it such an exciting, compelling, memorable week. The otherworldly glowing skin, incredible hair and makeup of the models pulls it all together, making each show an unforgettable spectacle of fabulous sartorial creativity.

Fashion and hair aside, the radiant skin of the models isn’t just a trick of the light or great genes, glowing skin starts with properly prepped skin using effective, high performing skincare. And, with next-gen natural skincare brand Hunter Lab on board as the official skincare partner of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2021, show-goers can expect to see runway shows filled with dazzling designer fashion worn by glowing-skinned models.

Since it launched in 2015, Hunter Lab has established itself as the go-to natural skin health brand the fashion industry calls on backstage to prep and prime the skin so models look and feel their best before stepping out on the runway.

How does the brand achieve these glow-giving results? Hunter Lab combines the best natural ingredients with cutting-edge green science to create natural, high-performance, efficacious skincare formulations for all skin types. The brand is gender-inclusive, its formulations are cruelty-free and it’s made in Melbourne.

As the official skincare partner of AAFW, Hunter Lab is working with fashion industry professionals at the shows on the skin health of the models pre-runway. The Melbourne-based beauty powerhouse is also collaborating with modern Sydney-based men’s swim and resort brand COMMAS to provide bespoke grooming for the models and is creating a number of curated skincare-only looks and a custom scent for the Manning Cartell consumer runway show at AAFW.

For those on the runway and those seated beside the runway Hunter Lab’s Marine Healing Essence and Lipid Vitamin Face Oil are key fashion week skin-saving essentials.

The Marine Healing Essence is a daily skin treatment that instantly calms the skin, reduces redness, balances pH levels, and increases the skin’s moisture. This balancing and calming treatment is comprised of 97% naturally derived ingredients including a healing compound of microalgae, bladderwrack and wakame marine extract along with an inflammation and redness combating mushroom complex. It’s ideal for soothing fashion week-related skin situations.

As for Hunter Lab’s Lipid Vitamin Face Oil, this nourishing oil is formulated with 19 antioxidant-rich oils and extracts to reduce fine lines, deeply hydrate and brighten the skin – all of which translate to luminous, radiant runway-ready skin.

The Melbourne-based natural beauty powerhouse brand is also assisting show-goers, AAFW attendees, designers, and models stay safe at Australian Fashion Week with its naturally-derived alcohol-free antibacterial 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser available on-site at Carriageworks during AAFW.

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