Cheers! Tempus Two’s new tipple is dropping just in time for fashion week

Picnics, parties, dinners, long lunches, birthday soirées, milestone celebrations, and fashion week are finally back on the social agenda which is cause for celebration. But how to celebrate in these post-pandemic times?

Like so many aspects of our lives (think: embracing matching sweats as part of our regular wardrobe line-up), how we’re looking to celebrate in 2021 is markedly different to how we celebrated a mere two years ago in 2019. 2021 is all about a more moderate yet still memorable and fun approach. You could say we’re at a mid-strength social celebratory point; we’re ready to lighten up but not to all-out pre-pandemic levels.

It’s this low-key return to socialising and marking special occasions that makes Tempus Two’s new lower-alcohol Lighten Up range the perfect tipple of choice for 2021. The highly anticipated range includes three wine styles — Lighten Up Prosecco, Lighten Up Rosé, Lighten Up Pinot Noir — and has over 30% less alcohol and 30% less calories than a standard bottle of Tempus Two’s Varietal Series.

The new Lighten Up range is set to launch fashionably close to Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2021 on May 24th. AAFW will be taking place from May 31 until June 4 at Sydney’s Carriageworks) and even with less alcohol and calories it is so cleverly formulated that it doesn’t compromise on flavour.

How does Tempus Two achieve reduced-cal less-alcohol and great flavour? Using the latest spinning cone technology is how. This technology removes the alcohol using a lower temperature and is ‘gentler’ on the wine allowing it to retain more varietal fruit character, aromatics and flavour. The spinning cone technology means the wine retains the full flavour without having to harvest the grapes before they are ripe to ensure low alcohol.

So, whether you’re at a casual picnic with friends, a romantic dinner à deux, having drinks with your favourite fashion-loving crew en route to taking your front row seat at AAFW, celebrate the occasion with a glass or two of Tempus Two’s Lighten Up Prosecco, Lighten Up Rosé, or Lighten Up Pinot Noir. It’s the ideal mid-strength alcoholic refreshment to join in the fun but in a more moderate, less calorific way. Cheers to that!

Keen to try Tempus Two’s Lighten Up range? As a special offer, when you purchase two or more bottles of Tempus Two Lighten Up you’ll receive 25% off when you use the code: AAFW21. The range will be launching on May 24th. One bottle contains four standard drinks. Drink responsibly.

AAFW 2021 is taking place from May 31 to June 4 at Carriageworks, Sydney. Book your tickets to runway shows along with unmissable fashion week events like the live Lady-Brains podcast at AAFW, here.